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Hubert Ozwell
JP Romanized - Hubert Ozwell
JP - ヒューバート・オズウェル (hyūbāto ozuweru)
US Localized - NA
Age - 17 years old
Height - 171 cm
Weight - 62 kg
Class - (煇術剣士)
Styles -
--- Twin Blade Techniques (両剣技)
--- Twin Gun Artes (双銃術)
Voice Actor (JP) -
--- Takahiro Mizushima
--- Mikako Takahashi (childhood)

"I hate such naïve thinking."

His Story
» Asbel’s brother who is younger by a year. He was but a quiet and obedient boy in his childhood, but developed a strong nature through his perseverance. He eventually unfolded his talents as a swordsman. He now belongs to the Strata military, and has achieve the rank of major despite his young age.

His personality is that of a rational, but much too serious person. He also tends to be quite obstinate, even when it doesn't profit him. He often seems gloomy when around his brother Asbel.